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'Puddinfiction' by reallystupd
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Unread 2009-09-24, 23:11   #1
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Feb 4 2003
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First of all let me preface by thanking you guys for mentioning this show so I don't start watching it five seasons in. Wait, nobody did. I will.

It's been on my watch list, but until recently I've never actually watched. Seems every time I look at FX they're showing Die Hard 2 or Ghost Hunters: New England kind of crap. Maybe I'm thinking of Spike.

Watched an episode tonight, had me rolling. Not the ROFL kind, I was on the couch. They decide to take a trip to Arizona, but never leave town. This episode sold me on watching the show.

The second episode tonight was about them doing a play. To be honest I didn't hear most of the dialog since I was eating a bowl of cocoa pebbles, and then I had to take a huge dump. I missed most of the second episode.

I'm stealing some of the shows synopsis from Wikipedia:

The series follows The Gang, which in the first season consisted of four young, white, under-achieving alcoholics: Dennis, Sweet Dee, Mac, and Charlie, none of whom could be called a good person. Each character is, at times, dishonest, selfish, egotistical, and/or antagonistic, and are often embroiled in controversial issues. Episodes usually find them hatching elaborate schemes, conspiring against each other or other unfortunates for personal gain or for the pleasure in watching their downfall.

Anyhow, it's a really funny show, if you haven't seen it before check it out.

Wikipedia. Kind of a funny read itself.

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