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Unread 2014-11-18, 13:04   #1
aarkieboy's Avatar

Feb 5 2003
86,416 posts
Age 63
Somewhere on this ball we call "Earth"

"A heartless groom reportedly demanded a divorce on his wedding day when he saw his bride's face for the first time.

The Saudi husband apparently had a change of heart when his wife lifted her veil for a photograph on her big day.

According to Saudi daily newspaper Okaz, the man jumped to his feet and announced he wanted an immediate separation.

“You are not the one I had imagined,” he told her. “I am sorry, but I divorce you.”

The couple had both agreed to the arranged marriage without meeting face-to-face, Okaz reports." (More)
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Unread 2014-11-18, 13:44   #2
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May 6 2003
16,715 posts
Age 63
The real America not that part where you live.

Stupid old world ways, modern methods are you get drunk and wake up sober to realize how ugly she is. At least you hopefully aren't married unless it is one of those sitcom/romantic comedy Vegas things, then sorry about your luck.
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