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Feb 5 2003
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"Michael Cimino, who won Oscars as director and a producer of “The Deer Hunter” before “Heaven’s Gate” destroyed his career and sped up the demise of 60-year-old United Artists, has died. He was 77. Friends called the police when they couldn’t reach him and he was found dead Saturday.

Cannes Film Festival director Thierry Fremaux tweeted the news Saturday, writing that he died in peace surrounded by those close to him and the two women who loved him. “We loved him too,” wrote Fremaux.

His birthday is usually cited as Feb. 3, 1939, though many facts about Cimino’s life, including his birthdate, were shrouded in conflicting information.

Cimino directed eight films in his career. His first was 1974’s “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot”; his second was the 1978 Vietnam War masterpiece “The Deer Hunter,” which won five Academy Awards, including best picture and director; his third was 1980’s “Heaven’s Gate,” the film that became synonymous with showbiz disaster; and the rest were mostly footnotes, though some (like “Year of the Dragon”) have passionate fans." (More)

Heaven's Gate

"It has been rumored that some of the excesses noted in the film's troubled production history may have been caused by drug use on the set. In Harry and Michael Medved's book "The Hollywood Hall of Shame," an anonymous production insider who worked on the film is quoted as saying, "A lot of people wonder how a movie like 'Heaven's Gate' could cost $40 million. I'll tell you. Twenty million dollars for the movie and another $20 million, you can bet, for all that cocaine for the cast and crew."
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