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Feb 5 2003
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"Special counsel Robert Mueller was expected to reveal more of his hand this week in hotly-anticipated court filings about three key players at the center of the Trump Russia probe.

Instead, Mueller's memos were more memorable for their redactions than new revelations, leaving outsiders to wonder what lies behind all that black ink.

But by dealing most of his cards face down, Mueller achieved something big: He blocked President Trump and his next attorney general from permanently burying whateverís concealed within those documents, legal experts told VICE News.

Put simply: Mueller just dispersed some of the findings of his investigation to a couple federal judges, who now have the power to safeguard, and later reveal, the key parts of the special counselís work directly to the public, former prosecutors said.

ďHeís putting the product of his investigation into safe hands,Ē said Rebecca Roiphe, a former prosecutor and expert on legal ethics at New York Law School. ďAll that redacted material is now with a judge. Once itís with a judge, other officials within the Department of Justice lose the power to destroy it.Ē (More)
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