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'Myhearserulzurcivic' by Reddoghud
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Unread 2009-07-20, 11:04   #1
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Jun 24 2003
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"People are being more creative in the way they express themselves and as more and more families join online services it moves from a service for the hardcore individual gamer to a broader family experience," he said. "We try to limit the tension of a family experience running into a hardcore one."

Well fuck that shit. Must everything be watered down so little JimmyChoirBoy's mommy doesn't get offended when FraksJesus4n4lly420 joins the game and chainsaws him in the face.

Not to mention that JimmyChoirBoy is the little fucker in an M-rated shooter who calls you a faggy Hitler-raper in his Elmo voice when his mommy is in the kitchen getting blasted on Tanqueray and tonics.
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