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Unread 2019-10-08, 11:56   #1
aarkieboy's Avatar

Feb 5 2003
86,055 posts
Age 63
Somewhere on this ball we call "Earth"

"A Democratic member of Congress and Iraq War veteran has dismissed President Donald Trump's suggestion that the U.S. military had run out of ammunition when he took office.

Trump made the outlandish claim during a press conference following a briefing from senior military officials at the White House. He told assembled reporters that a "top general" explained the predicament when he took office in 2016.

"When I took over our military, we did not have ammunition," Trump said. "I was told by a top general, maybe the top of them all, 'Sir, I'm sorry sir, we don't have ammunition.' I said, 'I'll never let another president have that happen to him or her.' We didn't have ammunition."

Arizona Rep. Ruben Gallego—a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who sits on the House Armed Services Committee—was among those which quickly challenged Trump's statement on social media.

"Again this is not true," he wrote on Twitter. "I get briefings as a member of the House Armed Services Committee on our munitions stockpile all over the world. We have never run out of ammunition." (More)
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Unread 2019-10-08, 13:00   #2
RepoMan's Avatar

Jun 24 2003
33,222 posts
Age 50
On the trails

Sir, I'm sorry sir,

You can assume it's bullshit when he recounts someone saying "sir" and when he says it more than once, it's an even bigger fucking lie.
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Unread 2019-10-08, 17:40   #3
b0rg9's Avatar
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Jan 6 2004
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Age 54
clearwater, FL

The only time anyone says "Sir" to him is when it's followed by, "this is an Arby's".
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