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Unread 2010-05-18, 10:56   #1
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Nov 1 2004
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One of those indoor shopping malls


Another bible thumper cheats on his wife and resigns. I posted this because I particularly like that he is resigning because of "the poisonous environment of Washington, D.C., any personal failing is seized upon". Um yea, you cheated on your wife with a staffer while consistently claiming the moral high ground of conservative family values. Fuck off.

And on a personal note, this guy's district director was one of my interns when I worked on the hill. He was a good kid, I feel bad for him. Makes me hate Souder even more for fucking him over. Politicians don't think of stuff like that though. They just think about getting some sweet sweet forbidden pussy.

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Unread 2010-05-18, 11:26   #2
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Jun 24 2003
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On the trails

"But at least it wasn't with a homo!"

Could have worked as spin.
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Unread 2010-05-18, 13:49   #3
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Jul 25 2006
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Age 41
Indianapolis, IN

I didn't vote for him!

(he's not in my district, but let's not dwell on that)
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