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Feb 5 2003
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"There is little doubt in my mind that Donald Trump went to El Paso, Texas, on Monday night hoping to create an ugly scene. Thecity, which shares a border with Ciudad JuŠrez, Mexico, is about 80 percent Latino and voted for Hillary Clinton over Trump by a whopping 43 points in 2016. With his already impossible border wall plan slipping out of his fingers, his stubbornly high disapproval ratings, and the number of investigations into his corruption multiplying, Trump turned to his old standby -- racist trolling -- in an obvious effort to distract the media and wind up his supporters.

It was a strategy he used to great effect on the campaign trail, most notably at his infamous Chicago rally: Show up in a racially diverse community, prompting protests and generating a number of photographs of white MAGA-hat wearers clashing with largely nonwhite protesters. The pictures are then disseminated across Breitbart, Drudge Report and other right-wing outlets to whip up Trump's base, nurturing their belief that they're "under attack" and their anger at people of color for showing defiance.

Trump's trolling can create a seemingly impossible conundrum for progressives. No one wants Trump to hold his rallies without the community standing up to reject his hate and show that his bigotry will not go unanswered. But how does the resistance speak its mind forcefully, without inadvertently creating photos that will be used to whip up racial resentment?

Well, on Monday night, former Rep. Beto O'Rourke and the fine people of El Paso created an elegant solution that allows progressives to speak out without feeding the Trump propaganda machine: Instead of a protest, hold a counter-rally.

Dubbed the "March for Truth" and organized by more than 50 local groups, the counter-rally did much more than protest the hate fest being held by Trump a few blocks away. It uplifted the city with heartening images showcasing the community of El Paso, and rejecting Trump's efforts to demean border residents with racist stereotypes." (More)
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