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Unread 2009-09-14, 11:46   #1
bruno's Avatar

Feb 4 2003
4,462 posts
Age 50
Toledo Burbs

Every now and then I run across things on the Internet that amaze me. How far it's gone and what you can do. Maybe it's old stuff I don't know about but amazes me.

Hulus always impressed me. TV content on the web. It plays easily, looks good. I found my love for Hulu when I found they had full Arrested development episodes.

Anyhow, I downloaded hulu desktop. I thought it was pretty awesome. More or less it's a media player for hulu. Hulu without the Internet page.

What really impressed me is how the subscriptions work. Subscribed to Arrested Development and The Daily Show just for kicks. Start Hulu desktop, the first page is my que-and there are the episodes. Click on, watch it. Goes full screen, plays well, good quality. That just amazes me.

It's like a TIVO for Hulu content. Read that some cable TV providers are worried, they should be.

The navigation seems wonky-or maybe it's just because I'm a noob. The easiest thing seems to be subscribing or queuing shows on the website and watching them in the desktop app.

I'm just now screwing around with it , but it's really impressed me so far.

Hulu desktop
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Unread 2009-09-17, 14:21   #2
RepoMan's Avatar

Jun 24 2003
33,040 posts
Age 50
On the trails

Pretty cool. It's nice to get rid of the middleman, in this case, the browser.
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Unread 2009-12-04, 15:59   #3
fray's Avatar

Aug 27 2005
1,497 posts
Age 51
Redlands, CA

crap, won't work on my Mac...
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