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Feb 5 2003
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"Fox News host Sean Hannity is having a really bad day, and not just because his pal Donald Trump just took a severe blow. Paul Manafort’s cooperation plea deal today with Robert Mueller is about to expose what was really going on between Manafort and Hannity during the election. Suffice it to say that there is specific reason for Hannity to be nervous.

Last year Palmer Report brought you the story of how Sean Hannity revealed on-air that even after Paul Manafort had been booted from the Trump campaign, he had continued to speak privately with Manafort for the remainder of the election cycle. Hannity then specifically revealed that he had spoken with Manafort a week before election day. We’ve since learned that there was a FISA surveillance warrant against Manafort during this time period. When Manafort was ultimately arrested, Hannity sure seemed panicked during his show. We wondered if Hannity was worried that he might have been picked up on the wiretap. Now Mueller has one better.

Paul Manafort’s plea deal spells out that he’s required to cooperate with every matter of interest to the federal government. If Manafort and Sean Hannity were merely discussing election prospects or talking about the weather, then Hannity has nothing to worry about. But if that’s the case, why was Hannity such a wreck about the prospect of Manafort going down? Whatever Hannity and Manafort were secretly chatting about during the last days of the election, Mueller is about to find out all about it. There’s more.

Donald Trump’s former longtime fixer Michael Cohen announced in court earlier this year that Sean Hannity was his legal client. Cohen cut a plea deal last month. While Cohen’s plea deal didn’t specifically include a requirement about cooperation, Vanity Fair confirmed this afternoon that Cohen has in fact been working with Robert Mueller. That means Mueller knows what was really going on between Hannity and Cohen as well. Hannity’s worst nightmare is coming true." - thepalmerreport
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