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Unread 2009-07-24, 15:37   #1
RepoMan's Avatar

Jun 24 2003
33,090 posts
Age 50
On the trails

I'm not supposed to review District 9, so this isn't a review. But Sony has said that I could share my reaction to the movie, so this is my reaction:

It's pretty fucking awesome.
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Unread 2009-07-25, 5:48   #2
Ash's Avatar

Feb 3 2003
8,354 posts
Galt's Gulch, NH

Yeah, this movie really kind of came out of nowhere I don't remember hearing anything about it, then saw a commercial for it the other day and was all like WHAT was THAT???!!?!?!?

Then went digging for trailers online, and liked the hell out of what I saw.
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Unread 2009-07-25, 7:10   #3
texasaurus's Avatar

Mar 31 2003
2,436 posts
Fort Worth, Texas

We saw the big trailer for it at the Harry Potter show last weekend.

I'm all in for this one. looks awesome.
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Unread 2009-07-27, 8:40   #4
ash#'s Avatar

Nov 1 2004
9,942 posts
Age 47
One of those indoor shopping malls

I just saw a trailer for this on the tube this weekend. I am in, looks pretty cool.
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Unread 2009-08-15, 7:21   #5
texasaurus's Avatar

Mar 31 2003
2,436 posts
Fort Worth, Texas

My daughter went and saw D9 last night. said it was AWESOME.
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Unread 2009-08-17, 4:16   #6
Gear Jammer's Avatar
Gear Jammer

Jan 14 2004
5,555 posts
Visiting my brain at the funny farm.

Was thinking about going to see this today myself, but holypoo...WTF happened to matinee prices. Regular price is $10.50, matinee $8. Used to be matinee was around half regular price. Add some popcorn, and a soda, and were probably looking at $20. Thinkin' I'm gonna wait for the DVD as I've done for most every movie in the last couple decades or so. This does look like a pretty cool flick though, and I may end up springing for the ticket in the end, smuggling snacks in with me.
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Unread 2009-08-21, 14:38   #7
fray's Avatar

Aug 27 2005
1,497 posts
Age 51
Redlands, CA

Saw this last night... Great movie.
It's a sci-fi drama with some action scenes. More action near the end of the movie to brings the story to its conclusion.

Yeah, move prices are higher... Matinee was $9.75. Don't know what the regular price is since it's been awhile since I have been to the movies.
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Unread 2009-09-14, 16:56   #8
FulanoDeTal's Avatar
Mecha+ Member

Jul 25 2006
5,598 posts
Age 41
Indianapolis, IN

Saw this on Friday... agreed, great movie. Didn't feel like a Hollywood movie probably because the lead has an accent. The action at the end made it feel like a video game to me.
Around here we have a theater called Kerasotes that offers a $5 movie price for non-premiere movies. Usually you just have to wait a couple of weeks after it opens to get in for five bucks any show. You have to request a club card be mailed to you. I never leave home without it.
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