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'Trainspot' by smoogren
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Unread 2010-05-24, 18:31   #1
texasaurus's Avatar

Mar 31 2003
2,436 posts
Fort Worth, Texas

check out creepy "come together"
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Unread 2010-05-25, 11:59   #2
Domestic Goddess's Avatar
Domestic Goddess

Jan 19 2007
2,023 posts
Age 47
City of Brotherly Love

You know, normally I'm not a fan of Beatles' redos because I'm all, "DON'T YOU FUCK WITH MAH BEATLES!" but I kinda like it. Oddly enough.
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Unread 2010-08-07, 16:53   #3
Twiggy's Avatar

Jul 9 2006
692 posts
Age 28

Oh hey I'm kinda diggin this too. I love the Ukelele so much. I've been wanting to get one for a while. I don't really know why I haven't yet.
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