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Unread 2011-07-28, 14:05   #1
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Jul 25 2006
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Indianapolis, IN

I just found this site: I think it could be a cool place to hang out and listen to music together.

You can sign in with your facebook account if you have one otherwise I think you have to get on an invite list. I'll have to look into that more.

How it works:
Join a room or create one.
You take turns playing the DJ and everyone else in the room can listen in. (only 5 DJs at a time but you can fill empty spots when they're open)
You can pick your song from their list (not sure how good it is yet) or by uploading from your computer (Oh yes, Deep in the Heart of Mecha is already in my queue!)
There's a voting system so that you can skip the "lame" ones and you get "DJ points" for your song being voted up (whatever that's for)

I've created a room for us already, you can only get there from the url.
I'm fairly certain that room will always exist even if no one is in it so we can pop in and out whenever to play and hear each other's tunes. Come join me, it could be a way to pass the time during the work day and lean about new music from each other.
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Unread 2011-07-28, 15:35   #2
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Jun 24 2003
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Age 50
On the trails

Pretty cool!
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Unread 2012-04-20, 15:26   #3
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Dec 2 2005
6,091 posts
Age 40

Bumping this so people can see. I'm going to try to hang out in the room a bit during the work week. Hope to see you guys
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