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Unread 2013-01-02, 11:50   #1
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Jun 24 2003
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I finished this recently and was going to do a write-up here, but this article kind of covers it. I loved the game, and totally didn't expect to be that interested in the "bro" main character or any of his friends. Surprise! I found the story far more compelling than I expected. If I had to guess without looking at my stats, I'd say I played the game primarily as a sniper. I loved sneaking up on pirate camps (side missions include taking out these camps to control areas) from mountain tops or ridges and picking them off one by one with a suppressed sniper rifle (and sometimes the bow and arrow). That never got old, and there are a bunch of camps. Unlike Far Cry 2, the enemies don't simply respawn after you've cleared the camp, so there's that sense of accomplishment. It was also fun climbing all the radio towers Assassin's Creed-style. Each tower's path to the top is different as each one is in a different state of decrepitude. I'd be heading to a mission and see an unclimbed tower off in the distance and veer off to go climb it and "take" it for the good guys. Definitely one of my favorite open world games of all time.

On a side note, the character design and animation puts a lot of the game's peers to shame. They did a particularly good job with dialogue mouth animation, and that really goes a long way in boosting the realism. I fired up Black Ops 2 after finishing it and the difference was pretty stark.
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Unread 2013-01-20, 9:27   #2
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Jan 6 2004
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Thanks for bringing this game to my attention. I watched the video in your link and it looks really fun. And a compelling story and character development is essential, IMO, for any single-player campaign.

I'm a cheapskate, though, and will probably wait until this game goes down in price (which may be a while). I'm going to bust out for Bioshock Infinite as soon as it's released and probably Aliens: Colonial Marines, too. So there's my budget right there -- not really being that hardcore of a gamer.
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