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Unread 2015-06-08, 22:39   #1
b0rg9's Avatar
Mecha+ Member

Jan 6 2004
9,870 posts
Age 54
clearwater, FL

*tap tap* hey is this thing on?

You out there, still? Happy birthday wishes being sent your way via mechapixelness.

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Unread 2015-06-09, 13:56   #2
NocturnalGuy's Avatar
Mecha+ Member

Oct 22 2003
5,175 posts
Age 47

Dude... you gotta get on teh facebooks.
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Unread 2015-06-09, 14:07   #3
davet's Avatar

Jan 6 2004
1,933 posts
Toronto, Canada

Thanks, borg and NG. I should drop in here more often.

I appear to be 55. How did that happen? Sequentially, I assume.
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Unread 2015-06-09, 14:30   #4
FulanoDeTal's Avatar
Mecha+ Member

Jul 25 2006
5,603 posts
Age 41
Indianapolis, IN

Hope you had a happy birthday. I was waiting to see if you responded or not... I would hate for my sentiment to go unseen by the rightful person.
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Unread 2015-06-10, 7:35   #5
RepoMan's Avatar

Jun 24 2003
33,339 posts
Age 50
On the trails

Happy Birthday!
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