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Feb 5 2003
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"President Donald Trump spoke to and took questions from the media for about 30 minutes on Friday morning across a range of topics. He lied about just about all of them.

Trump took credit for legislation that was actually signed into law by President Barack Obama. Providing no evidence, he dismissed reporting that reflects poorly upon his administration as the result of reporters fabricating sources. He pushed baseless conspiracy theories about social media allegedly companies discriminating against conservatives. And that was just the beginning.

Trumpís helicopter-side news conference, which he held while leaving the White House for a trip to Wisconsin and Ohio, was a master class in gaslighting. The president took questions from a range of reporters, but he afforded them no opportunities to ask follow-ups. Instead, he took one question at a time ó answering it on his own terms or completely changing the topic as he saw fit ó before moving on to the next.

It illustrated how Trump carefully manages the settings in which he makes himself available to reporters so he can control his message, no matter how divorced from reality it may be.

Hereís a rundown of just some of the things Trump misled about during a single press availability."
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