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Unread 2011-02-18, 7:47   #1
Chuck's Avatar

May 6 2003
16,716 posts
Age 63
The real America not that part where you live.

This is disgusting to me and hopefully to most of you.
Firefighter refused call to Tucson shooting spree scene
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Unread 2011-02-18, 8:19   #2
texasaurus's Avatar

Mar 31 2003
2,436 posts
Fort Worth, Texas

that's messed up
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Unread 2011-02-18, 8:34   #3
Gear Jammer's Avatar
Gear Jammer

Jan 14 2004
5,555 posts
Visiting my brain at the funny farm.

Bizarre, the guy voted for Gabrielle Giffords, seems to have a high opinion of her, yet refused to go on the call. Also prior to this he had, all but a minor backing into an object incident, a spotless 28 year record with the department. While it would seem from the details in the article, that his inaction really wasn't a cause of lost life in this incident, as they were to be dispatched only as a support department, after the most seriously injured had already been transported, disciplinary action definitely would have been called for, if he'd not decided to retire.
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Unread 2011-02-18, 14:57   #4
ash#'s Avatar

Nov 1 2004
10,029 posts
Age 47
One of those indoor shopping malls

Yea this does seem pretty bizarre to me. Any firefighter that refuses a call for any reason probably shouldn't be a firefighter anymore.
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