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Jan 6 2004
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The Who's Pete Townshend has long been open about the physical and sexual abuse he suffered as a child, which he'd later process with the help of ambitious, personal rock n' roll. In his 2012 memoir, Who I Am, he wrote that his maternal grandmother, Emma Dennis, denied him food and held his head underwater in a tub at the age of six, and that five years later, he was sexually abused by two leaders on a Sea Scouts trip.

Townshend’s upbringing wasn’t always so tormented; when he was around the age of eight, he made a visit to his Aunt Trilby, a spiritual type who encouraged him to express himself through art and music. Tinkering with her out-of-tune piano, his emotions began to manifest into a symphony only he could hear. “I found some chords that made me lightheaded,” he wrote. “My head filled with the most complex, disturbing orchestral music.” (more)
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May 6 2003
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The real America not that part where you live.

What can you say, one of the greatest albums ever.
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