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Unread 2016-06-27, 11:02   #1
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Feb 5 2003
85,185 posts
Age 63
Somewhere on this ball we call "Earth"

Adele brought down the house last night as she thrilled Glastonbury with an incredible performance on the Pyramid stage.

But it wasn't just her vocal abilities that got people talking, the singer's expletive laden set caused a storm on Twitter too as some criticised the star for swearing despite children being in the audience and watching at home.

"Adele please stop fucking swearing, there are fucking children watching, as you very goddamn well know coz you just fucking brought one on the motherfucking stage! Glastonbury " one pleaded, while another wrote: "Shit, Adele stop fucking swearing. Lots of little bastards in audience. Inappropriate fuckinglanguageispower "

By our reckoning, Adele swore 33 times during her 90 minute set - that's one every 2.7minutes!

She couldn't even get through her first song - Hello - without stopping to tell the crowd "You are f**king amazing!"

After going through three songs straight - she admitted she wasn't sure what exactly to say - she finally stopped to speak, letting out another stream of expletives." (More)
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Unread 2016-06-27, 11:11   #2
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Jan 6 2004
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Age 54
clearwater, FL

Click the image to open in full size.

Apparently Twitter
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Unread 2016-06-27, 14:13   #3
Chuck's Avatar

May 6 2003
16,601 posts
Age 63
The real America not that part where you live.

Naughty words at a music festival, OMG. Next thing you'll see is boobs, drinking, drugs, fights and a few things words can't really describe. If not then you are probably at a Stryper concert and not an actual music festival. .
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