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"BEIJING —China’s trade surplus with the United States hit a new record last month, defying — for now, at least — President Trump’s predictions that tariffs would help redress the trade imbalance.

Although economists expect the American tariffs to eventually have an impact, the trade statistics reinforce the widely held notion here that there will be no quick end to the trade war between Washington and Beijing.

“It’s obvious that the immediate effects of the trade war are the exact opposite of what the Trump administration had been planning,” said Andrew Polk of Trivium China, a Beijing-based economics research firm.

“We expect the dynamic to change once we get a bit deeper into this, but for now China is trying to outrun the next round of tariffs,” he said.

China enjoyed a record high $34.1 billion trade surplus with the United States in September, taking the surplus for the year to date to $225.8 billion, according to Chinese statistics released on Friday. That’s significantly higher than the $196 billion recorded between January and September last year." (More)
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