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Unread 2010-09-11, 3:16   #1
Chuck's Avatar

May 6 2003
16,756 posts
Age 63
The real America not that part where you live.

I was amazed this showed up on a news site, it doesn't portray us as ignorant, bigoted or even intolerant.

Aman Ali says unfortunately people who shout the loudest get the most air time
Couldn't have said it better myself.
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Unread 2010-09-11, 5:42   #2
Gear Jammer's Avatar
Gear Jammer

Jan 14 2004
5,555 posts
Visiting my brain at the funny farm.

Just a damn shame though that the Muslim world, outside of the US only gets the bad shit, reported to them by Al Jezeera. Like the dipshit threatening to burn a stack of Korans in FLA. They never see stories like this that show that unlike the predominantly Muslim countries they live in, that have 0 tolerance for Christians, and Jews, the US, a predominately Christian country, not only tolerates Muslims, but embraces them, along with Jews, Hindu's, Buddhists, and on, and on, and on.
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Unread 2010-09-11, 6:23   #3
texasaurus's Avatar

Mar 31 2003
2,436 posts
Fort Worth, Texas

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