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Unread 2011-05-07, 11:01   #1
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Feb 5 2003
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"Bad hats aren't limited to royal weddings.

Fashion crimes aside, these lids have been involved in a string of larcenies in Metro Detroit for the past year.

A group of older women, wearing hats of various colors and shapes, have stolen money and credit cards from distracted shoppers in four counties, police said Thursday.

Click the image to open in full size.
Sterling Heights police seek tips on these women suspected in a series of larcenies and fraud at multiple banks across Metro Detroit. (Sterling Heights Police Department)

Dubbed the Mad Hatters by police, the women then use the stolen checks and credit cards to receive money from banks and merchandise from retailers, said the Sterling Heights Police Department.

Their ill-gotten bounty may approach $500,000, police Lt. Luke Riley said.

He surmised that the genial appearance of the perpetrators is helping them pull off the caper.

Shoppers, banks and retailers tend not to suspect that the grandmotherly woman in a floppy white hat standing in front of them is a cold-hearted crook.

"That's the reason they've been able to get away with it," Riley said.

One of the women appeared to be in her 70s, a victim told authorities. Another is seen smiling in a surveillance photo released by police.

Police believe the group is acting together because photos from security cameras show the women stealing the credit cards are different from the ones using them later.

The other thing tying them together is the headgear. With caps of blue, black and white, they look like devotees from a milliners' convention." (More)
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