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Feb 5 2003
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"(Newser) – Authorities say a 44-year-old Pennsylvania man used a drone to drop explosive devices onto his ex-girlfriend's property. Jason Muzzicato of Washington Township hasn't actually been charged with detonating the devices, but the Morning Call reported back in June that he was suspected in a "series of explosions" that had been rocking the area since March. And WTAP spoke to a neighbor of the ex-girlfriend who says it wasn't just explosives that were dropped via drone: One day, he says, "it rained nails. They came out of the sky. ... Nobody was around. Nobody went by and threw them. They dropped from the sky." WFMZ reports that same neighbor's surveillance cameras captured at least one of the explosions.

The neighbor says he thought Muzzicato was behind the disturbing events and confronted him, but things only got worse—and since he was arrested (in early June, per Lehigh Valley Live), "everything has been quiet," the neighbor notes to WTAP. Muzzicato was first charged with knowingly operating an aircraft without registration, then later charged with illegal weapons possession after authorities say they found explosives and firearms—which he shouldn't have had due to a protection from abuse order—at his home. The Morning Call says he's also charged with owning guns while using meth; prosecutors claim he was on meth when he was arrested. Muzzicato, a father of two who owns Bangor Motor Works, faces up to 33 years behind bars if convicted. A trial is scheduled for November, but his attorney is reportedly exploring a plea agreement."
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