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Unread 2019-12-02, 12:51   #1
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Feb 5 2003
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Somewhere on this ball we call "Earth"

"To be clear, there aren’t tons of Amish teens on TikTok — this isn’t on the same level as, say, Mormon mommy bloggers. But there are certainly more than you’d expect in a community that encourages community and condemns vanity. There’s Fisher, a teen from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who goes by @AmishBek (and whose first viral TikTok declared the proper pronunciation of her hometown is LANG-kiss-ter not Lang-KAS-ter). And Ann Mast a 20-year-old who mostly posts lip-syncs of country songs, and @leelangford, whose profile description reads, “amish boy rumspringa” and who tags almost all his videos #Amishforreal. In one video, he plays basketball with a woman who is wearing an ankle-length blue dress, bonnet, and black basketball shoes. An out-of-commission buggy is in the background.

Zoom out to include Mennonites (who are a different religion, but are descended from Anabaptists like the Amish and in some cases also dress plainly) and the pool gets even bigger. One of my favorite videos is from an account called @sherluvzpink, where four Mennonite women in plain dress answer questions about their faith scored to the song “Choices (Yup)” by E-40 (answering questions to the song is a popular meme). The video has 261,600 likes and 2,600 comments. The top comment is “Okay, but my husband grew up Mennonite and TikTok is most definitely forbidden. They can’t even have radios in their cars. How??” (More)
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Unread 2019-12-02, 13:45   #2
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Jun 24 2003
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Age 50
On the trails

“most Amish don’t agree with photos much less videos. They believe it is a sign of vanity or pride.”

Mmmyeah, more like they don't want the photos and videos of their puppy mills getting out.

Go suck a fuck, Amish. Clean up your act.
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