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Unread 2010-02-11, 7:07   #1
texasaurus's Avatar

Mar 31 2003
2,436 posts
Fort Worth, Texas

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has told hundreds of thousands of Iranians gathered Thursday in a central Tehran square to mark the 31st anniversary of the revolution that created the Islamic republic that their country is now a proud "nuclear state."

The celebrations came as security forces dispersed nearby anti-government protests. Tehran residents also reported Internet speeds dropping dramatically and e-mail services such as Gmail being blocked in a common government tactic to foil opposition attempts to organize.

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Unread 2010-02-11, 7:15   #2
Chuck's Avatar

May 6 2003
16,682 posts
Age 63
The real America not that part where you live.

Ahmadinejad is just a mouthpiece, the "holy" men run the damn country. But yeah still hate the guy.
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Unread 2010-02-11, 11:22   #3
B L's Avatar

Jun 11 2005
2,473 posts
Age 54
a whale's vagina

Progressing rapidly toward "nuke from orbit" status.
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Unread 2010-02-11, 20:54   #4
b0rg9's Avatar
Mecha+ Member

Jan 6 2004
9,851 posts
Age 54
clearwater, FL

Someone bake him a yellow cake.
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