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Feb 5 2003
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Somewhere on this ball we call "Earth"

"It came on the first pitch in an all-star game in York, Pennsylvania, in a front of a few thousand fans.

York Revolution starting pitcher Mitch Atkins fired a fastball just off the center of the plate.

The home plate umpire signaled a "strike."

But a computerized radar system actually made the call — for the first time in professional baseball history.

It came during Wednesday evening's Atlantic League of Professional Baseball All-Star Game at PeoplesBank Park, home of the York Revolution

The lead-off batter watched the first pitch of the game sail into the catcher's mitt. Despite the historic change, most everything at least seemed to go as usual, at least to fans watching.

This was the long-awaited debut of the automated ball-strike system (ABS), the beginning of a testing ground for the rest of this summer. This rules initiative trial results from a recent partnership between Major League Baseball and the Atlantic League.

Here's how the new balls and strikes technology works..."
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