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Feb 5 2003
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"(Newser) – Gulf Coast Media's radio stations in Bay County and Panama City Beach, Fla., got ravaged during Hurricane Michael last fall. The company's senior management really appreciates how President Trump has stepped up to the plate since; he appeared last Wednesday in Panama City Beach and promised hundreds of millions in additional hurricane aid. The company has picked a bold way to show that appreciation: As of last Friday, BOB FM 105.1, HANK FM 103.5, and Classic Rock 95.9 will play two-minute snippets of Trump speeches every single hour. And they won't stop until the 2020 election is over. In a press release, management allows that "broadcasting the president's speeches may not be consistent with conventional commercial FM radio."

But it's determined to "show the community's sincere appreciation" for Trump's focus on the area—while other "people have forgotten about us" in the seven months since the storm. Owner Samuel Rogatinsky tells the Orlando Sentinel his team floated the idea with some listeners and area residents, and "nobody's upset about it. It's Republican territory. ... It's not an issue." No word on how listeners will feel about hearing the same from Democratic candidates: To comply with FCC regulations, Rogantinsky tells the Wrap the station will grant comparable air time to any other presidential hopeful who requests it."
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