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Unread 2019-05-14, 11:29   #1
aarkieboy's Avatar

Feb 5 2003
85,230 posts
Age 63
Somewhere on this ball we call "Earth"

"As anyone who’s ever prowled Instagram for updates on Fiona the very famous hippo knows, there are a million and one reasons to love the common hippopotamus. They are mammals, but semi-aquatic ones, so they can submerge themselves for as long as five minutes without coming up for air. Accordingly, the ancient Greeks named them “river horse.” And, a new study published Wednesday in Science Advances found, hippos “play a key role in Si cycling as a terrestrial-aquatic pump.”

Wait, what?

Hippos may look like smiley, slimy 4,000-pound friends just waiting to be made. But they’re among the most ferocious creatures on Earth, attacking crocodiles, lions, humans, and anything else that gets in their way. Despite this ferocity, the common hippopotamus is mostly a herbivorous species. In addition to some light cannibalism, individuals munch on approximately 80 pounds of plants every day, most of which they defecate into the waterways they spend their day wading around in.

As a result, hippo poop is a plentiful resource. So plentiful, in fact, that groups of hippos have been known to kill all of the fish in their immediate environment with their abundant feces. But according to this latest study, these prodigious bowel movements aren’t all bad. Rather, hippo intestines may be a crucial pipeline for the element silicon (Si), which they consume in their earthly diets and excrete through their underwater doo-doo." (More)
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Unread 2019-05-14, 12:51   #2
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Jun 24 2003
32,913 posts
Age 49
On the trails

No, hippo shit.

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