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Exquisite Corpse III: Quilting

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Caption / Directions
Everyone grab a square!

Each square is 128x128. There will be 8 per row, and 6 rows down to make 48 total squares. The final image will be 1024x768.

How it works:
The first person creates the first square and the order will go left to right until square #9, which will begin a new row. Rinse, repeat.

Your square should blend well with any adjacent square to the left and/or above yours. The final size of your square should be 128x128, and please keep in mind that all squares will be touching, but they won't overlap or be merged with each other. Here is a nice example: the full quilt of the sample on the left.

If you want to participate, check out the EC3 thread for guidelines and how to do so.

Compliments and are okay to post on this page, but if you need clarification on something, use the thread.
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