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Mechabanners 2010

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Caption / Directions
A new decade means it's times for new banners! In this contest, the object is to create banners for Possible themes can include (but are not limited to): robots, cartoonish, industrial, photoshopping, gaming, movies, silliness, pixels, digital art, entertainment, fun, or anything at all that you think depicts our community.

There are two requirements for entries in this contest:
- All images should be 468 x 60 in size, which is the standard size.
- The text "Mechapixel" should be included somehow in the banner (preferably with .com at the end of it).

Admin Note: a limited number of banners from this contest will be placed into the banner rotation throughout the forums, and/or will be considered for usage in future advertising. Please understand that there is no guarantee that your banner(s) will be picked for usage outside of this contest, regardless of the number of votes it receives.

Have fun!
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