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Mechapocalypse Tourney Banners

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Caption / Directions
Our upcoming Faceoff tournament now has a name (Mechapocalypse), and now all we need are graphics! In this special contest, your task is to design banner ads for the tourney, which will be used for advertising and promotion on Mechapixel and other websites.

For each submission you make, please include the following:

One (1) 468x60 banner ad -
This will be used off-site and will link to the tournament, so you'll probably want to mention "Photoshop " and "tournament" somewhere in it. Including is not required, but cool if it fits. The official tournament name (Mechapocalypse) must be mentioned in this banner.

Two (2) 136x150 ads -
These will be used on the sidebar. One will be used before the tournament begins (so you should mention sign-up, or the official start date, April 26). The other will be used during the tournament, no specific dates or "coming soon" text should be included.

You can also make a larger image (as seen on the left), but it is not required. If you do make this image, it should NOT reflect the tournament as "upcoming", or include any specific dates. This is because it will probably be displayed on the official tournament page for all eternity, and it would look downright silly if it read "Sign-up now!" ...

Each entry you submit should contain an overall theme, with the banner variations arranged in a single image, as shown in the example.

Please retain a PSD, TIFF, or some other uncompressed version of your submissions. The individual ads might be requested later, and severe quality loss might ensue if we had to cut them out of your entry.

The person that wins the contest will receive a $25 Amazon gift certificate from Mechapixel, as soon as the contest closes on April 3rd at 8 AM. If there is a tie for the winner, the administration reserves the right to choose the banner that will see the most exposure (and thus, choose the prize winner). **Entries that do not contain a 468x60 ad and two 136x150 ads will NOT be eligible for the prize, regardless of a win.

Ads from multiple people may be chosen for usage, and this may or may not reflect the contest voting results. Credit will be given to the creators of any and all ads used, on the tournament information page.

Any questions regarding this contest should be asked in this thread. Have fun!
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