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Traditional Guitar

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Caption / Directions
Photoshop this traditional Senegalese guitar made out of wood, skin and leather.
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Entries and Comments

»  PHOENIX Jun 12 2006 6:27 PM
Leather AND skin? Ouch

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Sphodromantis Acousticus 19 comments
Holy crap!
Monkeyknife 06/12/06 - 08:34 PM
^^^ what he said
Ved 06/12/06 - 10:11 PM
Thirded! How much of that is the source pic? Please don't say all of it, I might just have to kill you.
txmxmatt 06/13/06 - 10:01 AM
Thanks guys.

No need to resort to violence, Matt.

(BTW....thanks for posting such a crisp hi-rez source pic, Ved!)

» edited by poster on 06/13/06 - 03:07 PM
Vitrolux 06/13/06 - 11:51 AM
Nobody should be THAT talented. I'll format my harddrive now and destroy my Photoshop CD. Afterwards I'll hide in a cave.
Grabthar 06/14/06 - 02:20 AM
Gear Jammer 06/14/06 - 07:25 AM
A sweet and welcome surprise indeed each time you submit an entry, Vitro.
greyjello 06/14/06 - 01:30 PM
Something about source images and insects makes me smile, my dear backwards one.

» edited by poster on 06/16/06 - 11:46 AM
Dali's Llama 06/15/06 - 08:10 AM
This is very impressive. :)
CelticKnot 06/15/06 - 08:44 AM
HBF 06/15/06 - 09:04 AM
This is one of the coolest entries of this type that I've seen! Badass!
maymay 06/15/06 - 01:34 PM
Awesome and WOW! Fantastic job!
PleasedToBe 06/15/06 - 04:20 PM
Like, whoa. Amazing work.
davet 06/15/06 - 05:57 PM
oh geeezzz, being that talented should be illegal :)
elle 06/15/06 - 06:18 PM
hey, you're pretty good.
modified_dangler 06/15/06 - 10:23 PM
Thanks everybody for all the accolades & kind comments. :)

Careful, DL, someday you will mix the wrong semordnilap with an equivoque & that big old anagrammatical 'one brain' of yours will go headasplode.
Vitrolux 06/16/06 - 10:49 AM
Vitrolux I hope you're happy now. You've killed this contest. Only two other entries? You think that's a coincidence? Just kiddin dude, awesome entry!
Willr1 06/16/06 - 11:05 AM
I hate you. I really hate you. :-D :p
damn that's good!
daeudi_454 06/16/06 - 02:07 PM
sweettoothbear 06/16/06 - 06:06 PM

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New Toof 3 comments
I'm gonna have to dock you, because that character is voiced by the demonseed that is Larry the Cable Guy. Sorry.
txmxmatt 06/13/06 - 01:54 PM
Gear Jammer 06/14/06 - 07:25 AM
I hearby bannish Gear Jammer for using that saying.
HBF 06/15/06 - 11:24 PM

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Ancient Jungle dance 1 comment
b0rg9 06/15/06 - 09:25 AM

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