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Pudding Friday Banners

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Caption / Directions
The delicious dessert known as pudding has always been held in high regard here at Mechapixel, and it is vigorously celebrated each and every Friday (particularly in the forums, where the skin turns silky brown and pudding banners are displayed at the top of every page).

In this theme contest, your task it to create new Pudding Friday banners!

There is only one requirement: All images must be 468 x 60 in size. The text "puddin" or "pudding" or "Friday" should probably be included in the banner, but it's not required.

You can view all of the current Pudding Friday® banners right here.

Admin Note: some banners created for this contest will be placed into the Friday banner rotation in the forums, and/or will be considered for usage in future advertising. Please understand that there is no guarantee that your banner(s) will be picked for usage outside of this contest, regardless of the number of votes received.

Have fun!!
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