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Exquisite Corpse

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Caption / Directions
Once again we're going to try something different. For those of you not familiar with the process known as the "exquisite corpse", here's how it works:

You start with a base image, either submitted or created. The first person in line to work on the corpse takes the bottom 200 pixels of the first image and uses them as the top of their image. That person's entry should be the same width as the previous image (in this case 500px), though it may vary in height. The next person in line takes the bottom 200 pixels of the previous entry and uses them as the top of their entry. Rinse and repeat for however many images are involved.

Once the contest has run its course we should be able to overlap the entries so as to create one giant image. Many of you will be familiar with this example.

General comments should be made in the thread for this project.
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