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 About Me

He's a drug store truck drivin' man
He's the head of the Ku Klux Klan
When summer rolls around
He'll be lucky if he's not in town
Well, he's got him a house on the hill
He plays country records till you've had your fill
He's a fireman's friend he's an all-night DJ
But he sure does think different from the records he plays

Oh wait that is the Byrd's. Umm, me, well everything and more about me is up at my blog, but no one really wants to read that. I made a class website, years ago when a reunion was to take place, no one ever goes there.

That one is called Bergen Tech Class of 76

Got one to find people I worked with at "Celebrity Sports Center", in Denver CO circa 1977 too!
Celebrity Sports Center That place rocked, was owned by Disney when they were still semi cool.

Got a BB about the town I grew up in, that would be Montvale NJ!
Wooo exit 72 represent!

And One for the High School I didn't go to, Pascack Hills class of 76 Oh, yea, you know I got one for the School I did go to, Bergen Tech Class of 76

Lastlyz, I gots one for the car stuffs, I was writing this one as a legacy, It's called Bumperhumpers, Can't wait to see the hits I get from people looking for car pr0n!

Google luv's the mecha! So if you found me here, take a look around!