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When the Tweedle Beetles Battle In the Peanut Butter Bottle using Peanut Butter Paddles on the Poodle eating Noodles who Battles Tweetle Beetles in the Peanut Butter Bottle as it Bobbles in a Bowl on a Batch of Boiling Butter in the Peanut Butter Batter, where Tweedle Beetles Boggle and Blow Bubbles in the Butter where the Battle Bottle Bobbles, and it Boggles Beetles Tweedle that a Peanut Butter Paddle can battle with a Poodle when the Poodle's Eating Noodles in a Bobbing Battle Bottle in a batch of Boiling Butter on the Peanut Butter Batter during Peanut Butter Battles, THIS is what they call a Tweedle Beetle Peanut Butter Bobble Bottle Batter Boiling Bubble Butter Bowl Poodle Noodle Peanut Butter Paddle Battle.

I've been photoshopping since version 2.5, which loaded via punch cards, as I recall. It ran much faster than today’s versions- probably due to the fact that it only had to keep up with two pixel colors- amber and black or green and black, depending on the type of monitor you had back then. We also had to save the files on 24 inch giant platter hard drives, which usually required a forklift or a couple of donkeys and a cart to transport around. I remember the first version I got that allowed you to edit text. Now THAT was cool. By then of course we were using laser disks or reconditioned 8-track tape recorders to save files, which could easily be carried around in a mountain backpack or wheelbarrow. Those were the days.