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 Flan? Del Taco? What?

Fulano De Tal is just a slang way of saying "Joe Schmoe" in Spanish. So that means that I'm just "some guy" from Colombia, well my parents are from there; I've lived in the States all my life.

Past Signatures (or fun quotes):

[9/19/07] RepoMan: Two men enter, one man leaves. Except one man is a cow.

[12/13/07] Ash: The Nerd Fu is strong this afternoon --

Domestic Goddess: See, getting them juicy is key.
b0rg9: I live by that rule.

"All Adders are Puffs" - James May, Top Gear

[4/23/2008 10:21] Ash: Go away fighting cancer

[7/10/2008 9:58] Domestic Goddess: Do Iranians have something against good music?
[7/10/2008 9:59] JangoFett: The shareef dont like it

[4/27/2009 20:48] texasaurus: "moots" are cow farts, Ash

[03/16/2011, 17:50] B L: It's a little bit like wearing girl underpants.

[04/07/2011, 15:33] RepoMan: I want a tuquefull of poutine

[02/17/2012, 10:18] RepoMan: here, let me text my condolences.
[02/17/2012, 10:18] RepoMan: sry yr dead :(
Re: Drive-thru funerals