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 mgkbus wants a world made of chocolate

It's exactly a year since I have last written here and certain things haven't changed. I'm still angry, dissappointed and unhappy. But I'm also hopeful, encouraging and reasonably upbeat. Feeling like the T-Rex in Jurrasic Park, looking for a lawyer or two to consume; too poor to give a rat's ass about wealth; missing my lover - damn 2300 miles is a long ways away; reunited with friends from long away and long ago. "...she's all grown up!" I love my friends. I'm liking my life. I need/want a new computer.

Will I ever be able to afford Mecha+?

yes, Virginia, someday...

I am not really sick, I'm acting.

music for today: Autour de Lucie, Ian Hunter, Tarkan, Annie Lennox, Minus the Bear, Eartha Kitt, Gary Numan, Andre Nickatina, Handel, Jimi Hendrix

i still hate Qwest with a heat from deep in my soul.

peace and funkyness