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 Pleased To Be

Wife of Im_Just_An_Ordinary_Panda, Mother of Lily
I was born in the most southern tip of West Virginia and raised in Baltimore, MD. Not so proud of the latter.
I am a gamer at heart. Yes, that's right, guys. A female and a gamer. We do exsist. LOL
I like party games like Super Mario Party 6, Super Monkey Ball 2, and Quake III. I also like Katamary Damacy, Ico, Tony Hawk games... I could really go on forever.
Being a new mom doesn't give me much time now for gaming now.
I like reading also. The genre depends on my mood. I like movies. Harry Potter, LOTR, The Italian Job, Ocean's 11 & 12, The Score, 50 First Dates, Bruce Almighty, Fight Club, Clockwork Orange, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, and Runaway Jury are just some I like.
I like The Simpsons, and The Sopranos, and Lost but my favorite is 24. I can't get enough of the show. But please don't send me messages regarding it. I have to record the show and watch it later on. So I am not always up-to-date. Motherhood calls!
I love nature. Animals and reptiles. Be it cuddly or slimey.
Well, if I think of anything else about myself, I'll let ya know.

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