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Package Comparison and Pricing
Site FeaturesRegular UsersMecha+ Members
Contest Access - view, vote and enter contests once they go livecheckmarkcheckmark
Early Contest Access - see all upcoming contests when they are posted checkmark
Entry Hosting - all your entries are uploaded and hosted by uscheckmarkcheckmark
Bigger is Better - maximum entry size is 500 KB instead of 150 KB checkmark
Contest Queue - view and vote on all suggested contests checkmark
Endless Arcade - unlimited game plays per day rather than 30/day checkmark
No Ads - the ad bars in the site header and footer are completely removed checkmark
Extended Profile - 8 profile fields (non M+ members only get one field) checkmark
Special Usergroup - this icon next to your name, and your name is in blue checkmark
Monthly Subscription
Duration: 1 month
Bi-Monthly Subscription
Duration: 2 months
Tri-Monthly Subscription *discounted 10%
Duration: 3 months
(save $1.50)
Semi-Annual Subscription *discounted 17%
Duration: 6 months
(save $5)
1 Year Subscription *discounted 25%
Duration: 12 months
(save $10)

NOTE: All subscriptions are currently non-recurring, which means when it runs out, you'll have to manually renew in order to keep your Mecha+.

This system is currently not automated like it was previously. To get Mecha+, please do the following:
  1. Click the Donate button below to go to Paypal.
  2. Enter the amount of your desired subscription, based on the table above.
  3. Put your Username in the Notes field. This is extremely important!
  4. If you want to give someone else Mecha+, enter their username instead.
  5. It will take between 0-10 hours for your Mecha+ to be activated.
    Your M+ active time will be based on that time, not when you submit payment.

If you wish to just make a donation to Mechapixel, that is acceptable and greatly appreciated.
All income from Mecha+ or donations goes towards the upkeep and hosting for Mechapixel.