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Photoshop contests at Mechapixel | Tournament: Battle Royale 2003Tournament: Battle Royale

Battle Royale

August 14 - August 30, 2003

A recap of Mechapixel's participation (representing in the ultimate multisite photoshop battle

In August 2003, the folks at Worth 1000 hatched the idea for the "Photoshop Battle Royale" Tournament. On this page you will find a brief description of the tournament, results, and a few entries done by members of Mechapixel previously known as the Fark Veterans. To see all entries and the contest pages, please visit the links at the bottom of the page.

General Tournament Information

This team tournament was an entirely new form of photoshop contest, and it was a great deal of fun for all participants. Basically it worked like this: Each team sent between 5-10 of their players to participate in each round. Each team's score was then determined by the average score of all of the team's members in that round. The team with the highest score at the end of the voting period won the round. In addition, the player with the highest score of all participants won the MVP trophy for that round. The tournament ended when one team accumulated either 3 round wins, or 5 MVP trophies.

Round 1: Surreal Sports
(click for full-size)
Barbed Wire Fencing (138k)
by TranzorZ
Third planet, corner pocket (307k)
by Ash2k
Sky Tennis (193k)
by Vedman

Teams consisted of between 5-15 players, including a captain. Teams had the option of entering between 5-10 players in each round, which made up the roster. The team captains were free to change around the roster freely from round to round.

In total, six sites were contacted to participate. Those sites were Fark, PhotoshopCafe, PhotoshopContest, PhotoshopJunkie, SomethingAwful, and Worth1000. For various reasons, both PhotoshopContest and Photoshop Junkie opted not to participate. For at least one of the participating sites, trash talking ensued. Most people felt that the team from Fark would not be much of a "playa" in this tournament. Those people were wrong.

Round 2: Rejected Transformers
(click for full-size)
Trailer Trasher (113k)
by TranzorZ
Edseltron (154k)
by Monkeyknife
BidetBot! (297k)
by The_Entropy_Kid

While the Worth1000 gang ultimately won the tournament in three rounds, the Fark team represented in a big way. The Fark team came in second in all three rounds, and finished second overall. The SA Goons placed third, and PhotoshopCafe finished fourth.

Each of the rounds had very different "themes." The theme for Round #1 was "Surreal Sports." Round #2's theme was "Rejected Transformers," and the third round was "Presidential Culture Clash."

The following Fark Photoshoppers made up the team, which was led and organized by Vedman.

Aarkieboy, AkaMonty, Anime_honeydew, Ash2k, DrToast, Kokopelli, Method, Monkeyknife, oOLiquidNightOo, Peteykins, SuburbanCowboy Texasaurus, The_entropy_kid, TranzorZ, and Vedman.

Round 3: Presidential Culture Clash
(click for full-size)
Parting the Potomac (121k)
by TranzorZ
Garden of Hedonism (266k)
by Kokopelli
Ike and Mamie (182k)
by Ash2k

Most notably, TranzorZ singlehandedly won the MVP award in all three rounds, meaning his entries were voted the highest out of all submitted. Based on the competition, this was a feat of remarkable magnitude. The rest of the Fark team also did extremely well-crafted and original entries, some of which are displayed on this page. For those of you who helped support the Tournament, thank you. It was a blast. A special thanks to Avi and the crew at Worth1000 for the concept, and graciously hosting the Tournament. And to the "Goons"...maybe the third time against Fark will be the charm! Or not.

Final Team Averages:

Worth1000 Banhammers: 6.860277353
Fark Veterans: 6.386976294
SA Goons: 5.949503605
PSC Crew: 5.878939495

Worth1000 Links:

Official Tournament Information

Round 1: Surreal Sports
Round 2: Rejected Transformers
Round 3: Presidential Culture Clash