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Photoshop contests at Mechapixel | Tournament: March Madness 2004Tournament: March Madness

March Madness

March 10 - April 12, 2004

PWA East vs. West

32 people volunteered to be in the tournament. The amount of people were split in two geographically and the split fell in Chicago. Reckless was chosen to automatically be on the West siiide, and Prof_bumhat and lukket were to be on the East.

The tournament was set to begin on Wednesday, March 3 at 11 PM CST. At that time, the roster for both teams (determined by member locations via the PWA map), matchups on both sides (determined using this), and themes (see below) for the first round will be announced.

Round 1 Wed 3/3: Matchups and themes will be announced Wed 3/10: Entry deadline; voting begins Fri 3/12: Voting concludes, winners advance to next round

Contest links should be posted here but Ved is a lazy no-good bastard.