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Photoshop contests at Mechapixel | Tournament: 12 Days of Slagsmas 2004Tournament: Twelve Days of Slagsmas

Twelve Days of Slagsmas

December 12 - December 23, 2004

In the spirit of Christmas and the song, The Twelve Days Of Christmas, we're going to hold a holiday slag marathon dubbed "The Twelve Days of Slagsmas"!

It will begin on Sunday, December 12th and run through December 23rd. Each night at 10 PM CST, a different slag will begin with a theme relevant to what your true love gives to you on that day (er, that part is from the song).

Here is the complete daily schedule. Each slag will consist of a common theme:

Photoshop an image that includes one or more of the following:
  • Day 1 - Sun 12/12 - a partridge, a pear, or a tree
  • Day 2 - Mon 12/13 - a turtle, or a dove
  • Day 3 - Tue 12/14 - France (or a French person), or a hen
  • Day 4 - Wed 12/15 - calling (phone, yelling, etc.), or a bird
  • Day 5 - Thu 12/16 - gold, or rings
  • Day 6 - Fri 12/17 - a goose (or geese), or laying
  • Day 7 - Sat 12/18 - swans, or swimming
  • Day 8 - Sun 12/19 - maids, milk, or milking.
  • Day 9 - Mon 12/20 - ladies, or dancing
  • Day 10 - Tue 12/21 - lords, or leaping
  • Day 11 - Wed 12/22 - pipes, pipers, or "piping"
  • Day 12 - Thu 12/23 - drummers, or drumming
The entry deadline for each of the 12 slags will be at 10:00 PM CST on that day. Voting will only last for 24 hours.

These themes will all be very flexible! You can make any kind of photoshop that incorporates the specified items, from a movie poster to a product parody to an everyday scene. Some kind of holiday spirit in your photoshop is encouraged, but not at all required.

Due to the high slagging frequency this will bring over the next two weeks, all 12 of these slags will be set up and viewable prior to Sunday, so you'll be able to work on any of them at any time. As all 12 obviously won't fit on the home page at once, you can use the main slags page in order to view and access them.

The prizes will come from any member that wishes to pony something up; the number of prizes distributed all depends on how many are donated. Note: you don't have to offer up anything in order to participate in any slag (and visa-versa)!

How to offer a prize:

All prizes must be something that can be given online. Examples: gift certificates for, Barnes and Noble, Sharper Image, (etc...), or any site that lets you send something directly to a person without needing their mailing address (such as an Amazon wish list). There is too much potential risk involved with sending someone a physical item (since their address would need to be known), thus nothing that would require mailing will be allowed in the prize pot.

So ... if you want to offer up something, please do not mention it in the discussion thread. Instead, send a PM to myself or Kokopelli, and we'll keep tabs on everything, to announce later on....

Deadline for offering a prize: December 23

Prizes offered for the tournament:
  • Two $50 Gift Certificates from Kokopelli and Peaceboy
  • $50 G.C. from Prof_Bumhat
  • $30 G.C. from Monkeyknife
  • $25 G.C. from Stovepipe
  • 6 months of Mechaplus ($35 discounted value) from Lukket
  • 6 months of Mechaplus ($35 discounted value) from Lukket
  • 6 months of Mechaplus ($35 discounted value) from Lukket
  • 6 months of Mechaplus ($35 discounted value) from Lukket
  • 4 months of Mechaplus ($30 value) from Gear Jammer
  • $25 G.C. from Stuv
  • $20 G.C. from Bruno
  • $20 G.C. from Monkeyknife
Total Prize Value: $440

So how will the prizes be distributed? At the end of the slagathon, participants will get to pick a prize based on how they fared in the slags. We know most people won't be able (or willing) to participate in every slag, so we came up with the following points system to determine the order in which participants will get to choose a gift/prize.

In each of the 12 slags, the top 10 places in the results will receive the following number of points:
  • 1st - 30 pts
  • 2nd - 15 pts
  • 3rd - 10 pts
  • 4th - 7 pts
  • 5th - 6 pts
  • 6th - 5 pts
  • 7th - 4 pts
  • 8th - 3 pts
  • 9th - 2 pts
  • 10th - 1 point
First place in any slag gets quite a few more points than anyone else, in hopes that if someone only has time to participate in a couple of slags and wins them, they'll get some kind of prize.

Note: If you have multiple entries in a slag and place in the top 10 more than once, you will only receive points for your highest-placing entry. Ten different people will receive pointage in each slag.

After the 12th slag has concluded, every participant's accumulated points will be added up, and whoever has the most points will get to choose his/her prize first. Then, the 2nd highest points holder will get pick out of the remaining prizes, and so on down the list until all the prizes are gone. Each participant will get to pick only one prize.

Also ... you only have to participate in one of the twelve slags in order to be eligible for a prize (but the more you enter, the better your chances will be to accumulate points).

A quick scenario:

Prizes donated: $30 Amazon gift certificate, $25 Fandango gift cert, $10 Amazon gift cert Final standings: Joe (150 pts), Bob (130 points), Bill (95 points) ..etc

- Joe gets to pick first. He likes movies more than Amazon, so he choses the $25 Fandango G.C. (though he could have taken the highest $$ gift, the $30 Amazon G.C.)
- Bob then gets to pick out of the remaining prizes. He picks the $30 Amazon gift cert. He is elated that Joe didn't take it.
- Bill takes the $10 Amazon G.C.

(and so on)

Final Notes
The list of prizes will not be revealed until the final slag has concluded, on December 23rd ... so that's the actual deadline for sending Kokopelli or me a PM and offering something to the event. Also - due to the holidays and the ordered prize claiming, you may not actually know who picks your prize until early January. Please make sure you will be able to follow through with your gift, as late as a month from now.

We did this last year, and it was a blast (though it was just a single slag). I'm hoping this time around it will be even more fun, and everyone (site members and visitors) will enjoy viewing the entries!

I'd like to give a big thank-you to Kokopelli and Peaceboy for brainstorming and helping organize this event.

Happy Holidays!
- Vedman

Last updated: September 19, 2010