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May Mayhem

May 4 - June 13, 2005

There could be only ONE
In the Spring of 2005, the good folks of organized their second annual fight to the death, which came to be known as "May Mayhem." Like a geographically-challenged Civil War, sides were divided between "East" and "West." 48 brave souls agreed to participate, and after the trash talking ended, artistry began.

General Tournament Information
As mentioned above, 48 talented folks agreed to participate, filling a bracket of 64. First-round "byes" were given to some individuals based on past performances and a series of "qualifying slags." In each round, two members faced off against one another. The winners got to move on. The losers got to cry in their cornflakes. After the carnage subsided, two extremely talented artists remained: Elle, and Cranberryzero. Despite Cranberryzero's valiant effort to bring the title to the East, Elle prevailed, and showed for the second straight year how the West was won. To see some of the digital magic this tournment generated, please visit the below links:

Championship Match: Vintage Products
In this match, the theme of which was determined by a member's poll, the goal was to show modern products in another time period. For example, a rotary cell phone.
by elle
  Torture Coaster Extreme!
by cranberryzero

Semi-Finals: Masterpiece Cliche Theater
In this round, the task was to photoshop movie cliches into a work of art, such as (but not limited to) an Italian Renaissance painting. The cliche(s) were limited to one of the following series of movies:
  • Harry Potter
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Matrix
  • Star Trek (including the TV series)
  • Star Wars

Semi-Finals West   Semi-Finals East
Temptation of Jedi
by elle
Leonardo's Arwen
by saufnase

La Pieta de Vader
by cranberryzero

Anakin Skywalker and his Wife
by Ash

Round 4: Time Travel
The goal of this round was to photoshop an image that combines elements from two very different eras and to put objects in settings foreign to their timeline.

Round 4 West #1   Round 4 East #1
Jurassic Coke
by saufnase
by vedman

At the Hop
by cranberryzero

Space Churchife
by das mole
Round 4 West #2   Round 4 East #2

by elle

21st Century Reinforcements
by Tony2Nice
  How The West Was Won
by Ash
High Noonculur
by JangoFett

Round 3: Magic, Illusion, and Paranormal
In this round, participants were asked to photoshop something featuring a theme dealing with magic, illusion, or the paranormal.

Round 3 West #1   Round 3 East #1
Vortex into the future
by saufnase
What the plot?
by modified_dangler

Witch's Skinless Curse
by das mole

Salad Bar People
by davet
Round 3 West #2   Round 3 East #2
Curious Devastation
by vedman
Evil Supreme
by reddoghud
  Airport Security
by cranberryzero
Lens Flair
by toadslick
Round 3 West #3   Round 3 East #3
Raising Atlantis
by Tony2Nice
Ancient Starbucks
by anime_honeydew
  The 24 Marathon
by JangoFett
Double, double, toil & trouble
by kokopelli
Round 3 West #4   Round 3 East #4
11-12-2004 10:27 PM
by elle
The Neighbor From Mars
by stacyrings
  Got a wrench?
by Ash

Round 2: Greek Mythology
Don't think for one moment that the first two rounds didn't generate plenty of remarkable entries. The amazingly inventive themes for Round Two dealt with Greek Mythology. Participants were assigned the role of a Greek God, and asked to create a photoshop based on their new, incredible powers.


Round 1: Entertainment
Contests for Round One were based on a variety of "classic" themes that have proven to be successful in the past.


As they say, a good time was had by all, and the Tournament proved to be a wonderful showcase for for the talent, imagination, and passion of our members. We hope you enjoy viewing the entries as much as our members did creating them. We look forward to doing this again, and hope you will join in the fun.

Text courtesy of kokopelli. Layout brought to you by Prof_Bumhat.