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Mechapocalypse II

June 5 - July 19, 2007

Photoshop contests at Mechapixel | Tournament: Mechapocalypse 2007Mechapocalypse II Tournament Info

Are you ready for another photoshop apocalypse?

Mechapixel proudly presents Mechapocalypse II, our 4th annual Faceoff tournament. The premise is simple yet exciting: site members battle each other in a series of 1-on-1 matches with various themes until a champion is crowned.

This time around we're going back to a single bracket format, with an exciting rush from both sides to a retro-tastic champion!

This tournament is free to enter and is open to photoshoppers of all skill levels. If you are new to Mechapixel and would like to get a taste of our tournaments, check out the first Mechapocalypse.

Mechapocalypse 2007 - Ad by HBF Every previous tournament held at Mechapixel has been accompanied with a generous pot of prizes, donated by site members and distributed to those who fared the best in the end. In a recent Christmas tournament, there were over $1000 in prizes donated.

You do not have to offer up anything in order to participate in this tournament, nor do you have to participate in order to donate a prize.

How to offer a prize:

All prizes should be something that can be given online. Examples: gift certificates for, Barnes and Noble, Sam Goody, Sharper Image, (etc...), or any site that lets you send something directly to a person without needing their mailing address. There is too much potential risk involved with sending someone a physical item (since their address would need to be known), thus nothing that would require mailing will be allowed in the prize pot, unless a reputable third party is involved.

You can also donate Mecha+, which is thoughtful because it benefits both the recipient and the site.

If you want to commit to a prize donation, please send a private message to vedman.

Prizes can be donated at any time before the end of the tournament. Please keep in mind that you won't need to actually donate the prize until the tournament ends on July 19th.

Prizes donated to this tournament:
Gift Certificates/Subscriptions
$53 eMusic Gift Subscription (3 month duration; 90 tracks total) - Lukket
$50 Gift Certificate - stacyrings
$25 Think Geek Gift Certificate - Churchill
$25 iTunes Store Certificate - Churchill
$25 Gift Certificate - Minxy
$25 Amazon Gift Certificate - lukket
$25 Amazon Gift Certificate - Peaceboy
$21 Amazon Gift Certificate - method
$15 Think Geek Gift Certificate - lukket

Mecha+ Prizes
1 year of Mecha+ Gold ($67 value) - Lukket
1 year of Mecha+ Gold ($67 value) - Ash
1 year of Mecha+ Gold ($67 value) - Peaceboy
1 year of Mecha+ Silver ($45 value) - Lukket
6 months of Mecha+ Gold ($37 value) - Bjorn Lucid
3 months of Mecha+ Gold ($20 value) - As_Much
3 months of Mecha+ Gold ($20 value) - Churchill
3 months of Mecha+ Gold ($20 value) - Monkeyknife
3 months of Mecha+ Gold ($20 value) - Chuck
As new prizes are pledged, they will be added to the above list and posted in this thread.

Note: while we have never had a problem in the past, we (Mechapixel) cannot guarantee the distribution of all prizes. They are offerings directly from one member to another, and if any member fails to follow through once their prize is picked, Mechapixel cannot be held responsible for such shittery. However, we would do something nice for the participant, so they don't leave empty-handed. And we would toilet paper the donators front yard.

Bracket and Schedule
The bracket is a dynamic page which keeps track of all matches in the tournament. This page is an easy reference to see your own theme when it is announced, and to access other matches. It can be accessed at any time by clicking the "Bracket" tab at the top of this page.

Full Schedule:

T = Tuesday, R = Thursday, R1 = Round 1 (R2=Round 2, etc)
R 5/31 -- Signup deadline

R 5/31 -- R1 themes announced. Total players: 48
T 6/5 -- R1 entry deadline; voting begins
R 6/7 -- R1 voting concludes; R2 themes announced. Total players: 32
T 6/12 -- R2 entry deadline; voting begins
R 6/14 -- R2 voting concludes; R3 themes announced. Total players: 16
T 6/19 -- R3 entry deadline; voting begins
R 6/21 -- R3 voting concludes; R4 themes announced. Total players: 8 (Quarter-finals)
T 6/26 -- R4 entry deadline; voting begins
R 6/28 -- R4 voting concludes; R5 themes announced. Total players: 4 (Semi-finals)

*** No matches week of July 4th ***

T 7/10 -- R5 entry deadline; voting begins, Championship theme announced
R 7/12 -- R5 voting concludes
T 7/17 -- Championship Match entry deadline/voting begins
R 7/19 -- Voting concludes; tournament ends

NOTE: All times are 10:00 PM CDT on the date specified

The themes in this tournament will be quite different from round to round, but depending on how many matches there are, some themes may appear more than once in the same round. We will do our best to ensure that the themes are fun, yet also demand a certain level of skill, flexibility, and imagination.

We had 48 participants sign up for the tournament.


There was no seeding this time around, unlike the first Mechapocalypse tournament. We may return to some sort of player separation in the future (based on prior tournament placements and site contest wins), but this time the initial matchups were completely random.

For the player who is forfeiting:

If you are going to be unavailable/out of town for the duration of an entire round, you are still more than welcome (and encouraged) to participate up to that point, but your match will be forfeited to the other player if you don't submit an entry. So... if you're positive you're not going to be able to create an entry for a match you're involved in, please contact us and let us know ASAP so we can forfeit the match and inform the other participant.

For the player who is NOT forfeiting:

Since your opponent has come forward and forfeited, you will obviously be guaranteed to win your match. For this reason, you do not have to submit an entry if you don't want to. If you submit an entry, it will be voted on as usual. Be warned -- you will not receive an automatic win if your opponent fails to submit an entry and fails to contact us and inform us of the forfeit and you do not submit an entry of your own. Thus, unless you hear from an admin that your opponent has backed out of the match, be sure to submit your entry before the deadline.

Other Stuff
  • There will be one email sent out at the beginning of the tournament, to remind participants that the tournament is getting underway. After that, no emails will be sent out regarding matches; it is your responsibility to check the bracket and know what your themes and deadlines are.
  • Weekly contests (Slags) will take place on Thursdays during the tournament. The Tuesday night Slag will resume the week after the tournament concludes. Graffiti contests will not be put on hold; they will remain daily throughout.
How will ties be handled?

From the contest FAQ:

If two or more Slag or Faceoff entries end up with the same average, whichever entry has the smallest standard deviation (using the values of its votes) will take the place in question. The runner-up will receive the next place down. So.. for example, if two entries tie for 3rd place, the smaller deviation of the two will take it and the other entry will take 4th place and will not receive the booty.

A real example of the standard deviation factor: say one entry receives votes of 6, 7 and 8, and another entry receives votes of 4, 7 and 10. Both entry averages would be 7.0, but the first entry would win the match due to a more concentrated opinion by the voters (and hence, a smaller std. deviation).

Foul Play

From the entry rating primer:

If you are suspected of cheating multiple times (meaning you vote with malicious intent) and your votes strongly support it, they will be reviewed, and be subject to being thrown out. Most members don't need to worry about this possibly happening to them, but if you (for example) vote one entry a 9 and all other entries a 2, in more than one contest, then your votes may end up not counting. Such decisions will be made by site administrators, and will be final.

This just means that getting friends to come vote on your entry (with a nudge nudge/wink wink thrown in) could turn out poorly for you. The foul votes would be subject to removal, and since this is a tournament, your entry may be subject to disqualification. On a similar note, the act of voting unfairly in a match without the participants knowledge can turn out poorly for them, as their entry may be disqualified if foul play is evident. So please, be cool.

Rehashing Entries

Please make sure your entries in the tournament are created specifically for the tournament. It is not usually against the rules to submit an entry that you created previously (since Mechapixel hasn't had such a rule at any time in the past), but since prizes are involved and everyone having the same amount of time to work on entries is only fair, it would be appreciated in this tournament. Entries that were created previously and used in another contest, either at Mechapixel or elsewhere, will be subject to disqualification.

Entry Deadline

All entries must be created and initially uploaded by the deadline on the day your match begins. However, you will have a 30-minute grace period to re-upload your entry (make final touches, etc) after the 10 PM deadline. After 10:30, you will no longer be able to upload, but you will be able to change your entry title or description while the match is open for voting.

Naturally, we recommend that you submit your entry well before the deadline, to provide a cushion in the event of technical difficulties or other unforeseen problems that might pop up around the deadline. You can update your entry as many times as you like before the end of the grace period.

Tournament threads (official and unofficial):

Additional info may be added to this page or may be posted in the Announcements forum.

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